Author Biography

A. Finlay (Alison Finlay) is an Australian Fiction Author, residing in Melbourne. She began writing the Shadows of Light trilogy in January 2009, when she was 25 years old and by June of the same year she had finished the first manuscript and planned the next two books in the series.


Inspirations and Career Direction

Originally Alison intended to write a screenplay for a movie, but after a short conversation with another Author, she decided to write a book, and perhaps one day convert it to screenplay.

The idea for Shadows of Light sprung from a series of events and dreams. ‘I wasn’t in the best place,’ states Alison, ‘I’ll admit that some of the story line was literally just me trying to work things out in my mind. I was in an awful relationship, I’d lost contact with most of my friends, and felt I had no way to improve my situation. Change can seem like so much effort when you’re used to your life the way it is.’ Whilst working full-time and up to twelve hours a day, Alison used Shadows of Light as a way to rewrite her life.

‘I was writing all the things that I wished were happening to me,’ says Alison.

The final factor that motivated A. Finlay to begin writing Shadows of Light was from frustrations when reading other books about angels and demons that were lacking any biblical content and were loyal to almost no traditions. 'You wouldn't write a book about a vampire who enjoys apple juice and sun-baking,' says Alison.

A.Finlay spent most of her childhood dreaming about herself in more adventurous or heroic situations. She had various career goals from designing her own skateboarding brand to being a progressive rock vocalist. Similar to her novel writing, these dreams sprung from frustrations of mainstream markets such as male orientated skate clothes and repetitive pop music. But in writing, Alison discovered her passion, which she claims borders on addiction. 

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In August 2011, Alison self-published Shadows of Light with Xulon Press. When asked why she chose to self publish, she responded with, 'After receiving three rejections from major publishers, I realised that in this currently unstable book market, there is very little a publishing company can do for me that I can't do for myself.'

She was told by editors and publishers that if she wanted to publish through a mainstream company, she would need to decide whether or not the book was religious. That would mean either removing the biblical quotes and religious themes, or changing the storyline to be completely one-sided where the choices between right and wrong were simple, and all characters with religion tied to them were perfectly respectable.

‘It’s just not me,’ states Alison, ‘I’ve had both good and bad experiences with religion, so why would I write a story that leans one way or the other?’


What’s Next?

A. Finlay has finished the second book in the Shadows of Light trilogy, 'Binding Darkness'. She hopes to have it out later this year.

(c) 2013 A. Finlay