Binding Darkness - Cover Shoot

A lot of work goes into releasing a novel, and the photoshoot for the cover is one of my favorite parts.

On the 22nd of September 2012, four of us, and my puppy, Wally woke at the crack of dawn and drove down the coast of Victoria.

Samantha Catherine - Photographer

Selena Heenan - Photographers Assistant

Shannoah Taite - Model

Alison Finlay - Director, Author and all round bossy boots

We drove to a little park in Fresh Water Creek, that had some sentimental value from my childhood. We used to venture there from the local caravan park, climb the trees, and etch into them the names of the boys we liked. The poor trees seemed to have withstood this horrific mutilation, still wearing the scars of more recent etchings.


Note, the poor quality photos were done with my (Alison's) camera, the good ones by the exceptional Samantha and her Canon 5D.

IMG 3993 2 copy
IMG 4004 copy

Bare foot directing.

IMG 4065 copy

Trying different poses

IMG 4111 copy

We then pulled off at a track on the way to Anglesea, where a bunch of joggers were looking at us very oddly. We quickly realised how strange we must have appeared, wandering around in the bush with axes, daggers, swords and cameras. Fortunately we had Wally with us, as it's hard to be suspicious of anyone with a cute puppy.

Next were the beach shots, so to Anglesea we went.


(c) 2013 A. Finlay