Character Bios


Name Meaning ----------- Ascending to God

Appearance -------------- Long brown hair, blue/green eyes, 5"10

Weapon of Choice ------- Daggers

Favorite Song ----------- Cote, Karnivool

Favorite Colour --------- Violet

Tag Line ----------------- Insignificance is a frame of mind.


Name Meaning ----------- Wisdom

Appearance -------------- Long black hair, curly. Brown eyes, 5"7

Weapon of Choice ------- Crossbow

Favorite Song ----------- Truth, George

Favorite Colour ---------- Yellow

Tag Line ----------------- Life is only as hard as you let it be.


Name Meaning ---------- God is my Judge

Appearance -------------- Sandy blonde hair - scruffy, blue/green eyes, 6"1

Weapon of Choice ------- Battle Axe

Music Tastes ------------ Fly With You, Pete Murray

Favorite Colour ---------- Green

Tag Line ------------------ Hate is for those who can't be bothered understanding others.


Name Meaning ----------- Lion of God

Appearance -------------- Dark brown hair, clean cut. Electric blue eyes, 6"3

Weapon of Choice ------- Firey sword

Favorite Song ------------ Crave, The Butterfly Effect

Favorite Colour ---------- Teal

Tag Line ------------------ When heart speaks to logic it sends you the right way, when emotion speaks to head it leads you astray.


Name Meaning ----------- Forest

Appearance -------------- Blonde hair, sometimes curly, sometimes straight

Weapon of Choice ------- A short skirt and a cute smile

Music Tastes ------------ Witchcraft, Pendulum

Favorite Colour ---------- Pale pink

Tag Line ------------------ Good hair can make anyone pretty.


Name Meaning ----------- God's Command

Appearance -------------- Light blonde hair, hazel eyes

Weapon of Choice ------- Sword

Favorite Song ----------- The Constant Rain, Melodyssey

Favorite Colour ---------- Sky blue

Tag Line ------------------ A friend protects at all times.


Name Meaning ----------- Healing God/Sun

Appearance -------------- Dark red hair, brown eyes

Weapon of Choice ------- Sword

Favorite Song ----------- Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, Porcupine Tree

Favorite Colour ---------- Green

Tag Line ------------------ Strength of mind overcomes all obstacles.


Name Meaning ----------- The Accuser/Opposer

Appearance -------------- Whomever I wish to appear as

Weapon of Choice ------- The mind

Favorite Song ------------ All I Know, Karnivool

Favorite Colour ----------- None

Tag Line ------------------- Let's Dance!!


Name Meaning ----------- God heard

Appearance -------------- Dusty-brown hair, 5"8

Weapon of Choice ------- Guns

Favorite Song ------------ The resistance, Muse

Favorite Colour ----------- Blue

Tag Line ------------------- It's not as though I'm particularly smart, it's that most guys are dumber than me.

Sariah (new character - Binding Darkness)

Name Meaning ----------- Princess of the Lord

Appearance -------------- Red and black hair, eyebrow piercing

Weapon of Choice ------- Perception

Favorite Song ------------ Like You, Evanescence

Favorite Colour ----------- Red

Tag Line ------------------- Better to be safe than dead.

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