Musical Inspirations

Without musical influence, Shadows of Light would have taken years to finish. Music feeds my imagination. When I run into writer's constipation (sorry), music acts as a mental laxative. Karnivool's song 'Cote' was one very dominant song that I played over and over whilst writing Shadows of Light. Other musical influences seemed to change with each chapter. 

I've attempted to link into each artist's official youtube video, but some songs haven't been released, and others... well it's difficult to tell if I found the official link. 

Karnivool, Cote

Karnivool, Themata

Karnivool, Synops 

The Butterfly Effect, A.D.

The Butterfly Effect, Crave

The Butterfly Effect, Beautiful Mine

Sam Sparro, Black and Gold

Melodyssey, Aquaplane

Cog, Doors (Every now and then my life feels like it's going nowhere)

The Presets, Talk Like That 

Muse, Map of Problematique

Pete Murray, Fly With You

Chicago, You're The Inspiration

Incubus, Dig

Porcupine Tree, Arriving Somewhere But Not Here


Sneak Peak at the musical influences for Binding Darkness

The Butterfly Effect, Reach

The Butterfly Effect, A Slow Decent

Karnivool, New Day

Karnivool, Deadman

Karnivool, All I know

Karnivool, Set Fire To The Hive

Pendulum, Witchcraft

Birds of Tokyo, Circles

Red, Pieces

Red, Forever

Red, Death Of Me

Dead Letter Circus, Cage

Dead Letter Circus, Here We Divide

Dead Letter Circus, Space On The Wall

Melodyssey, The Constant Rain

And finally... The song that has inspired the end of the entire trilogy...

The Butterfly Effect, World on Fire

(c) 2013 A. Finlay