Shadows of Light - Fun Facts

Aaliya's Microwave

In a few places throughout Shadows of Light, Aaliya's microwave turns itself on.

I really did have a microwave that turned itself on. On one particular occasion I was sitting on my couch watching the Devil's Advocate, the scene where Al Pacino has a rant and calls God a joker... My microwave sprung to life, brought up 2:22 on the clock and started cooking itself. I had already written the microwave into the book at this stage, and had to remind myself that there was no etherial being about to appear and scare the wits out of me, just a malfunctioning appliance or a God with a very cheeky sense of humour.

Random Act of Violence

In Chapter 8, Daniel says, "When I was three, dad wouldn't let me play outside in the puddles, so I threw a wooden pick up truck at his head."

Actually, that was me. I was two and my four year old sister was being mean to me, so I threw a, rather large, wooden truck at her head. It hit her just above the temple on the left side.

Ringing Ears

This is a bit embarrassing. When I was young, maybe ten, I used to pretend/think that when I heard a ringing sound in my ears it meant that an animal needed me. When writing the imps into Shadows of Light, I wanted to come up with a cue that imps were around, and thus the ringing in the ears was born. I sort of shot myself in the foot here, as now when I hear a ringing I think of nasty little demons. I'd much prefer to think of dolphins and puppies.


So I can't tell you which of the events at work really took place, but just to clarify, Tennille is NOT based on any one particular person's character. I'm horrified that people have asked me that.


The scene where the etherial being tells Aaliya to run was based on a dream I had. In the dream it was my friend Danni who I had to rescue, and we hid underneath a house at the bottom of a hill.

The dream where the voice says 'Don't doubt me,' is actually a dream I had when I was sixteen. In my dream, however, it was my dog that spoke to me, rather than a macaw.


I really have daggers. They are on the front cover, although in real life they are silver. Aren't they pretty? The one tucked in behind the other is on the second spiderman movie and is called 'The Knights Dagger,' The other is called 'The Dreck Dagger.' When I first saw the 'Dreck Dagger, I actually thought there was a panther on the grip and figured it destined to be mine. Turns out it's a bear, but I love it all the same!

In Chapter 16, Aaliya uses a boomerang shaped weapon with sharp metal blades around the edges in the shape of wings. After I had finished writing Shadows of Light, I ducked down to my favorite weapons store in search of a little present for myself and there it was! I had sat on my couch for hours attempting to design a cool new weapon, and someone had beaten me to it! The edges aren't quite shaped like wings, so at least I'll always have that...


You find out in the book that Kimmy can't take tablets with water. What a weirdo!! Well... neither can I. People say I don't try, I really do try!! I'm getting better at it. Rather than vomiting it back up, these days I just make an odd gurgling noise and then just about choke to death, but it gets down eventually. Frankly, I'd rather sit out a headache than choke on pain killers. I think it has something to do with the gulping action, I just can't drink water quickly. It makes complete sense when you think about it...

(c) 2013 A. Finlay