Shadows of Light

Shadows of light is the first book in the three-part trilogy by A. Finlay.


Aaliya’s life hasn’t been nearly as successful as she would have liked. 

Stuck in a career she never wanted, without any family close by, and her list of friends is diminishing for no reason at all.

But Aaliya is being watched.

Dark creatures have taken an interest in her and she doesn’t know why.

As Aaliya searches for spiritual answers, a beautiful stranger crosses her path. Will falling for him be the most dangerous mistake of her life?

And how can she make a difference in a war that’s been brewing since the 

dawn of time?

A young woman's battle with isolation, direction, and spirituality, as she searches for her significance in the world.

A modern day tale of good versus evil where the right choice is sometimes a matter of perspective.

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"I was up until two in the morning, I just couldn't put it down" - Marie, Inner FM Radio Host.

"I stayed up all night reading your book. Now I'm tired." - Sam, Carlton

"We saw your book and were going to put it on our staff choice list. But then we didn't." - Google Call Centre


(c) 2013 A. Finlay